5 Day Online Retreat

The MahaAasmani -
Magic of Awakening Retreat

is the flagship self-realization retreat offered by Tej Gyan Foundation, where participants gain access to the experience of the Self and learn to live in the present every moment.

5 Day Online Retreat

Starting on 10th & 17th March 2024
@ 1:00pm CDT to 5:00pm

Benefits of the 5 Day Online Retreat

  • Get answers to who you are and your real purpose in life.
  • Experience Inner Peace
  • Be in a state of total bliss while fulfilling your duties.
  • Learn the practical techniques for meditation.
  • Understand your body-mind mechanism.

Discover your
real purpose in life

The MahaAasmani – Magic of Awakening Retreat (Online). This retreat is based on the teachings of Sirshree. This life-transforming retreat is suitable for all those over 18yrs. 


In this retreat, participants are imparted simple but highly effective techniques that equip them to thrive confidently amidst life’s challenges and achieve sustainable success. The teachings of the retreat are non-denominational(secular).

Starting on 10th & 17th March 2024 @ 1:00pm CDT to 5:00pm

The retreat is conducted
in 3 Phases...

Foundation Truth Retreat

Date : 10th & 17th March 2024
Time : 1:00 pm CDT - 5:00 pm

Bright Responsibility Retreat

Date : 24th March 2024
Time : 1:00 pm CDT - 5:00 pm

Maha Aasmani Param Gyan Retreat

Date : 6th & 7th April 2024
Time : 1:00 pm CDT - 6:00 pm

The Only Retreat You Need, To Live your life to it’s Fullest & highest Potential by exploring...


Your True Self

Allow the natural qualities of consciousness, such as peace, love, joy, compassion, abundance, and creativity, to manifest by living from a state of pure and still presence.


Discover the Power of Stillness

Gain access to simple tools that can be used in daily life to quieten the mind and reveal your true nature.


Connection to the Source

Get practical techniques to access pure presence at will and connect to the source of all answers( the inner guru).


Discovering Missing links

Discover the missing links in the practices of meditation (dhyana), action (karma), wisdom (gyana) and devotion (bhakti).


Your Limiting Habits

Understand the nature of your body-mind-mechanism to attain freedom from tendencies and patterns.


Consciousness-centered Living

Learn practical methods to shift from mind-centered living to consciousness-centered living.

What People Are Saying About The Retreat

There are over 1,10000+ people all over the World who took the retreat, tried and tested, and were spellbound.

Date: 10th & 17th March 2024, 1:00 pm CDT to 5:00 pm

An Enlightened Master - Sirshree

Sirshree is a spiritual master and founder of the Tej Gyan Foundation.

Tej Gyan Foundation is the first and among the few spiritual organizations to have got the ISO certification for its System for Wisdom.

Sirshree has delivered more than 4000 discourses on Truth as well as on various aspects of practical living. More than 200 books have been published on various topics.

The highest aspects of Truth are woven into analogies, parables and humour that provoke one to contemplate.

Sirshree has laid the foundation of MaNaN Ashram, whereby the highest level of wisdom is bestowed to all the seekers.

The very purpose of Tej Gyan Foundation is to work as the transformative agent to raise global consciousness, so that new vistas of a highly evolved society that is waiting to appear, begin to manifest on Earth.                                               

1,10,000+ Participants have been benefitted across Globe in the last two decades.

The motto of Tej Gyan Foundation is ‘Happy Thoughts’. This motto was chosen since ‘Happy Thoughts’ are thoughts of self-realization, thoughts that motivate one to get rid of all other thoughts and to raise collective consciousness. A ‘Happy Thought’ does not merely signify positive thinking. It is the thought which helps us to achieve liberation from all other thoughts. A Happy Thought is the purest of human desires to be liberated from all desires.

His Holiness Dalai Lama

Dr. Kiran Bedi
Former IPS Officer

Dr. Vijay Bhatkar
Renowned Scientist

Shah Rukh Khan
Well-known Celebrity

Dr. Prakash Amte
Legendary Social Worker


Date: 10th & 17th March 2024, 1:00 pm CDT to 5:00 pm

Self Development To Self Realization Towards Self Stabilization

Gift yourself the benefits of living with the higher consciousness that will enable you to take charge of your life. Experience the bliss of unwrapping the gift of the present moment, every moment. Register for the MahaAasmani ParamGyan Retreat.

5 Day Online Retreat


Starting on 10th & 17th March 2024 @ 1:00pm CDT to 5:00pm

Contribution Amount – Rs 5000


The MahaAasmani Magic of Awakening Retreat is conducted in English language.

18 years and above, people of any age can participate in The MahaAasmani Magic of Awakening Retreat.

The MahaAasmani Magic of Awakening Retreat is based on the teachings of Sirshree. Along with the discourses of Sirshree, the retreat is conducted by Satyacharyas.

After registration, you will be added to the retreat’s WhatsApp group. In the same group, you will get all the further information.

Rest assured, the e-mail and phone number you have provided for The MahaAasmani Magic of Awakening Retreat will only be used for information regarding the retreat from you.

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