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Working Professionals : Experience Inner Peace, Personal Growth And Solution to Life's toughest Challenges in just 5 Days

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Revealed Secret -
Transformative Journey of Self-Discovery

Are Your Busy Schedules Hurdle?

We know how challenging it can be to balance a life with a demanding career. But what if you get an easy way where You Dedicate some time on weekend and gradually, it will blend into your life

An Enlightened Master - Sirshree

Sirshree is a spiritual master and founder of the Tej Gyan Foundation.

Tej Gyan Foundation is the first and among the few spiritual organizations to have got the ISO certification for its System for Wisdom.

Sirshree has delivered more than 4000 discourses on Truth as well as on various aspects of practical living. More than 200 books have been published on various topics.

The highest aspects of Truth are woven into analogies, parables and humour that provoke one to contemplate.

Sirshree has laid the foundation of MaNaN Ashram, whereby the highest level of wisdom is bestowed to all the seekers.

The very purpose of Tej Gyan Foundation is to work as the transformative agent to raise global consciousness, so that new vistas of a highly evolved society that is waiting to appear, begin to manifest on Earth.                                               

1,10,000+ Participants have been benefitted across Globe in the last two decades.

The motto of Tej Gyan Foundation is ‘Happy Thoughts’. This motto was chosen since ‘Happy Thoughts’ are thoughts of self-realization, thoughts that motivate one to get rid of all other thoughts and to raise collective consciousness. A ‘Happy Thought’ does not merely signify positive thinking. It is the thought which helps us to achieve liberation from all other thoughts. A Happy Thought is the purest of human desires to be liberated from all desires.

His Holiness Dalai Lama

Dr. Kiran Bedi
Former IPS Officer

Dr. Vijay Bhatkar
Renowned Scientist

Shah Rukh Khan
Well-known Celebrity

Dr. Prakash Amte
Legendary Social Worker

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Listen to the Life Changing Experience of Participants

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What If You were able to do this/achieve this Very Soon

Becoming your best self: balanced, stress-free, and peaceful

Balance all 5 life pillars (Mental, Physical, Social, Financial and Spiritual): thrive in every sphere.

Finding your purpose, unlocking your success.

Becoming a leader people love to work for.

Skyrocketing your career, achieve promotions, and earn recognition

Having Balanced relationship and a fulfilling life.

Enjoy vibrant health and energy

Creating a life you love.

What If You Were Able to Achieve All of the above With No Extra Efforts?

Spirituality is Not About Worshiping A God, It's not about following a specific Religion or Cast, It's just a way of Balancing All 5 Aspects of Our Life.

What our existing participants have experienced at this 21st century spiritual retreat

See How the World's Successful People are Doing The Same Thing?

But How do you learn this,

Don’t Worry
We Are There With You

After 25 years of seeking, learning, and growth, we’ve discovered the path to transformation

In this 5-day training,we’ll share simple yet profound way of life for building an unbreakable foundation, so you can thrive in your career and in all areas of your life.


“Maha Aasmani Online Retreat”

Unveil the ancient wisdom and hidden secrets that have transformed the lives of thousands, without disrupting your modern, digital lifestyle.

With the “Maha Asmani Online Retreat”..

Discover your true self and live your best life

Uncover your hidden talents and abilities.

Find your true calling and make a difference in the world

Heal your past and create a future filled with joy and abundance.

Enhance creativity and innovation, and solve problems more effectively.

Find more meaning and purpose in your work, and achieve greater career success.

Unrevealed Technique - Vanish Weight of Sorrows

Reveal Your Life's Mission

See What Exactly You’ll Learn After You Join The Online Retreat

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Sampurn Lakshya

#Module 2

Foundation Truth

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Bright Responsibility

#Module 4

Maha Aasmani shivir

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Exclusive Live Session by Sirshree

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Learn to Overcome Anxiety and Fear

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Going Beyond Anger and living fulfilling Life

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Self development to self realization Happy Quotes

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Daya Kumar Sharma


Daya Kumar Sharma


Daya Kumar Sharma


After Joining This Program, You Too be Able To Generate Such Mind Boggling Results!

Here’s Exactly How You’ll be Benefit From This Course

Benefit #1:

Freedom From Past & Future

Experience the freedom from the weight of past regrets and future anxieties. This course will empower you to live in the present, light and carefree, like a breath of fresh air for your soul.

Benefit #2:

Healthy Relationships

Get ready to effortlessly cultivate meaningful personal and professional relationships that will effortlessly enhance your life.In this course, you’ll uncover the art of building connections that flourish naturally, bringing you deep satisfaction and heartfelt happiness.

Benefit #3:

Way to Abundance

Discover the untold  secrets of nature’s laws that  unlock your path to success and financial abundance.This course will be your guiding light to unlock the potential for abundant achievements and lasting financial prosperity.

Benefit #4:

Art Of Managing Emotions

Discover the route to emotional freedom. Learn Proven techniques to Manage Both positive and negative emotions. This course will guide you on a transformative journey towards a happier, lighter soul, where you’ll discover the path to emotional freedom and inner joy.

Benefit #5:

Master Confident & Timely Decision-Making

Get ready to acquire the invaluable skill of making confident decisions at the right moment, free from fear and uncertainty. This course will empower you with a life-changing technique, ensuring your path is filled with clarity and self-assured choices, bringing you the success and happiness you deserve.

Benefit #6:

Stay Energetic and Productive

Prepare to discover how to keep your body  strong, allowing you to work for longer hours without getting tired. This course will empower you to lead a lifeEnergized and lively ensuring you achieve more while maintaining boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Actual Price:5000

Today Only 2300/-

Rated 5 By 90,000 Students

Learn From Modern Spiritual Master Who Has Transformed Thousands of Lives

Who This Training Will Benefit The Most?

Working Professionals



House Wives​

Truth Seekers




MahaAsmani Paramgyan Retreat Is Unlike Anything Else You’d Have Seen or felt

This retreat Is Not About Information, It’s About Real Transformation. It will give you all the knowledge, wisdom and skills you need to become spiritually aware and achieve 'Inner Peace'.

You Don’t Need To Believe What I Say See These Results & Testimonials From 5000+ Existing Students Of This Course

Foundation Truth Retreat

Date : 27th & 28th April 2024
Time : 1:00 pm – 5:30 pm (IST)
Reporting Time : 12:45 pm (IST)

Bright Responsibility Retreat

Date : 12th May 2024
Time : 1:00 pm – 5:30 pm (IST)
Reporting Time : 12:45 pm (IST)

Maha Aasmani Param Gyan Retreat

Date : 25th & 26th May 2024
Time : 12:30 pm – 5:30 pm (IST)
Reporting Time : 12:15 pm (IST)

Let’s Recap What Exactly You Are Getting Today

The 5 Day Super Human Workshop 2023 Early Offer

Let me break down what your will get when you sign up today for
5 day intensive live workshop

Actual Price:5000

Todays Price: Rs 2300

(Valid for first 100 participants)

You Have 2 Options

Option 1

Do nothing - Nothing will change. Everything will remain the same. Life will be the same, and you'll continue to suffer from sadness, lack of confidence, stress, anxiety, and not knowing the purpose of your life.

Option 2

Act now - Join the Maha Aasmani Param Gyan Retreat and experience the self, learning to live in the present every moment.

The decision is yours.

A year from now, you will be living a peaceful and present life because now you know how to live a simple yet powerful life by staying in the present. All because you took a small action today.

Life will be the same, and your everyday will be the same, maybe even worse. After years, you may look back and wish with regret, "If only I had taken action when I had the opportunity!"

Frequently Asked Questions

The MahaAasmani Param Gyan Shivir is conducted in 2 languages Hindi and English.

18 years and above, people of any age can participate in The MahaAasmani Param Gyan Shivir.

The MahaAasmani Param Gyan Shivir is based on the teachings of Sirshree. Along with the discourses of Sirshree, the retreat is conducted by Satyacharyas.

After registration, you will be added to the shivir’s WhatsApp group. In the same group, you will get all the further information.

Rest assured, the e-mail and phone number you have provided for The MahaAasmani Param Gyan Shivir will only be used for information regarding the retreat from you.

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